Labrador in meadow

Interest in dogs and puppies has never reached the level that it has during lockdown, with people taking advantage of additional time at home to bring a furry friend into their household. In an earlier post, we looked at the relative increase in interest of the top 20 dog breeds in the UK. Here, we look at the change in interest over time for the top 5 breeds in the UK:

Interest over time for 'Cockapoo'
Chart showing interest in Cockapoo's over time
Interest over time for 'Cocker Spaniel'
Interest over time in Cocker Spaniel
Interest over time for 'Labrador'
Interest in Labrador over time
Interest over time for 'Golden Retriever'
Interest over time Golden Retriever
Interest over time for 'Yorkshire terrier'
Interest over time Yorkshire Terrier

With lockdown beginning to ease, how quickly will we see interest in dogs and puppies return to pre-lockdown levels? Check back at a later date to see how the trends continue to change over time.

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