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Dogs + People; Better Together

This is something we hold to our very core. Spending time with dogs lowers stress and anxiety, improves mental health, reduces blood pressure and eases loneliness. 

However these benefits aren’t always realised. I established Moment to Paws in 2020 to change this. 

- Kate Soames, Founder of Moment to Paws

How we help dog owners

Training and behaviour challenges can have an effect on the relationship between you and your dog; I know that first hand!

Walks where you’re being towed along can leave you feeling frustrated (and exhausted!). Having to pray that you won’t see another dog or person on your walk can leave you full of anxiety. And incessant barking is sure to raise that blood pressure. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

My approach to training and behaviour centres on building the best possible relationship between you and your puppy or dog. For this reason, they will be motivated to listen to you, work with you and be with you. And they will turn to you for support when they need it.

How we help workplaces

It’s well documented that stress levels in the workplace are on the rise, and our mental health is suffering.

Having grown up with dogs, I knew the positive impact they had on my own outlook, but it was while working in a senior leadership position at a marketing agency that I began to explore their broader impact on stress and mental health. I invested a significant amount in better understanding the links between animal assisted therapy and mental health, holistic wellbeing, communication, neuro linguistic programming and personal growth. 

Very quickly, I knew I had to explore how I could make these benefits accessible to more people in the workplace.

Our workplace therapy dog events are backed by science. They allow employees to take a short break from their daily tasks to unwind and breathe. Proven to reduce stress, boost morale and improve mental wellbeing. 


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