121 dog training

How would your relationship with your dog change if they would just stop…? Or if you could just sort…? If you’ve heard yourself saying or even thinking this, our 121 training consultations are here to help you. 

Maybe your dog’s recall could do with some fine tuning (or perhaps a total revamp…), you long for walks which don’t feel like a wrestle, you’d like to introduce your dog to the concept of politeness or you’re desperately searching for your dog’s cool down button to no avail. There is always a solution!


Secure your follow ups (£50 per hour) now and we will be in touch to lock in the dates. Fully refundable after the initial consultation.

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Our 121 dog training consultations tend to begin in your home, helping us to get a clear picture of what daily life with your dog looks like and allow us to start training in a place with low distractions. Every dog, environment and situation is unique so from there, we will work on a bespoke solution which help to progress your dog’s training. 

Just some of the ways that we can help you:

Loose lead walking

Lead walking is probably the biggest challenge that our clients come to us with. And it’s no surprise. Increasing your dog’s ability to focus on you, walk at your pace and ignore all of those smelly temptations is no easy feat, but it is possible! Just imagine being able to look forward to a nice relaxing stroll with your dog…


When our dog’s are off the lead, they have a choice; choose to come back to you or choose to stay with the other exciting things in the environment. If the latter is your current reality, recall training is for you. We will help you to teach your dog that coming back to you is always the best choice.

General obedience / foundations

Learning how to communicate with your dog is paramount to being able to train them to do what you might consider even the simplest behaviour. And while your dog might be able to wow everyone by rolling over on cue, focusing your attention on teaching their basic manners is going to pay dividends in your everyday life. Maybe you’ve got a new puppy or dog that you’d like to set up for success, maybe training has taken a backseat recently and you need steering back in the right direction, or maybe those cute puppy behaviours are no longer cute now that your dog has grown up. We can get you on the right track. 

The art of being still

Do you wish your dog could just settle for five minutes while you enjoy a cup of coffee? Do you long for the day when they can join you in your favourite cafe or pub? Helping your dog to develop self control and resist temptation is something that will not only improve your life with your dog, it will also underpin all of your other training.

Collie in the office

Frequently asked questions

How much work will be involved from my perspective?

There’s no doubt about it; training a dog is time intensive and we do ask that you are committed to ‘doing the work’ before signing up. We promise to give you all the tools, techniques and knowledge you need at every stage of your training but ultimately, your success lies in your commitment to training in between our sessions. 

Training should never feel like a slog; if it feels that way for you, we can guarantee it’ll be exactly the same for your dog which can result in progress going backwards. Two 15 minute training sessions incorporating play and bonding time in a day can be – and likely will be – more effective than a mammoth one hour training session. We’ll work with you to develop a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle. 

One thing’s for sure and that’s that the sense of achievement you will feel as you see your dog progress will make it all feel so worthwhile. 

Can you train my dog on my behalf?

Dog training and behaviour is the result of complex interactions between your dog, you, other people in your household, other animals in your household and factors within the environment. To train a dog in a different environment, with a different handler, means that problems are more likely to return when they re-enter their own household, reducing the likelihood of your investment paying off. For this reason, we work with owners and their dogs together, rather than taking your dog away and training them on your behalf.


Have questions you’d like answering before booking? Absolutely no problem, complete the form below and we will get right back to you.