Dog Training

Wetherby District, West Yorkshire

You’re here because you want to build, maintain or enhance your relationship with your dog and recognise the benefit of training using force free techniques.

Using only the most up to date, scientific and reward based training methods, Kate will help to make your training journey fun and engaging. Whether you’re looking for some 121 support on a specific challenge or a training plan, you want to join others at a group dog training class, or your keen to join a workshop on a particular skill, Kate will help you to get your relationship on the best track. 


121 dog training consultation

For those who have a specific training challenge with their dog, or have adopted a dog and would like some advice. Common challenges include lead walking, recall, polite greetings and general obedience.

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Puppy class continuation

For those who have previously joined a Moment to Paws puppy class and would like to continue their training journey. For dogs aged 6 months to two years. 

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For those who have a specific training challenge (such as lead walking and recall) and would like to join a workshop with other people. 

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Many changes happen during your dog’s life, sometimes creating new challenges. Take adolescence; a period where your previously loyal puppy suddenly starts taking more risks, ignoring your requests and engaging in undesirable behaviours. Is it normal? Yes! Are there things you can do to help navigate this period without tearing your hair out?! Yes! Research shows that those who focus their efforts on building and solidifying a positive relationship with their adolescent dogs report higher satisfaction with their dog’s behaviour. A great way to do that? Fun, reward based training.

But it’s not just adolescence where you may require some additional support or decide to join a group class. Perhaps you’ve recently rescued (or are about to rescue) a dog and are keen to ensure that you’re giving them the best new start. Maybe circumstances meant you missed training your dog as a youngster. Or perhaps you’ve caught the ‘training bug’ and want to continue to work on your dog’s obedience and skills. Regardless of the situation, Moment to Paws can help!

Not sure what's right for you? Contact Kate who will be happy to advise.


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