Therapy dog training guide and workbook (UK)

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Your essential therapy dog training guide and workbook (UK). 

Contents include;

  • What does being a ‘therapy dog’ in the UK actually mean
  • Routes into animal assisted therapy in the UK
  • Therapy dog certification in the UK
  • Delivering a safe, compliant service
  • Understanding your dog’s body language
  • Looking after your dog’s welfare 
  • A practice assessment that you can complete in your own time to highlight any gaps in your dog’s training
  • Comprehensive training guides on the key skills required of a therapy dog
  • A handy workbook to help structure your dog’s training and progress
Therapy dog training guide

This digital guide will cut through the masses of information available online and provide exactly what you need to know in a digestible and practical format. 

Plus, track your training progress with a handy assessment template and training workbook. 

Who will benefit from this therapy dog guide and workbook?

Anyone who is interested in doing therapy work with their puppy or dog in the UK will benefit from this resource. 

About the author

Kate Soames is a fully assessed and qualified member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and holds an advanced diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour Management. She regularly engages in continuing professional development to ensure that the knowledge she holds is the most relevant and up to date, as well as challenging pre-existing ideas to constantly evolve and adapt her skills. 

Kate has been training dogs her whole life and first became interested in therapy work when her grandfather was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. Following on from this, Kate experienced first hand the benefits that dogs have on people in the office environment, and in 2020, she established Moment to Paws to help reduce stress and aid mental health within the workplace. 

Through her work, Kate has consulted extensively with organisations, schools, care homes and other professionals to develop a thorough understanding of the intricacies surrounding therapy dog work, with a particular focus on canine welfare. 

Based on her experience, there is a distinct lack of clear guidance available for people in the UK who are interested in dog therapy. It is therefore Kate’s aim to distill all the information she has garnered into a concise and actionable guide to give more people the confidence they need to engage in this life-changing work.  

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