The Intentional Manager

Training programme for new managers

A 6 to 12 month long partnership mentoring new managers through their transition to maximise potential.

Developed for new and aspiring managers, or for those with up to 3 years' experience looking for a fresh perspective, support and personal development.

Available online or face to face across the Greater Leeds and York area.

From just £115 per person, per month

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Traditional management training is designed for an era we’ve left behind. The one size fits all approach, death by powerpoint, unrelatable trainer and stuffy meeting rooms just don’t cut it for our new generation of managers. In fact, 80% of managers who attend a management course will go back to their old ways within 6 months. 

That’s a lot of money for a temporary boost in performance.

Investing in your managers matters

Strong managers = strong teams = strong business

1 in 2 people

people leave their job because of their manager


of variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager


the cost of poor management in the UK per year

What’s the alternative to traditional management courses?

The new manager programme

12 x 90 minute sessions over the course of a year (online or in-person training options available)

Combination of one to one training and coaching

Drawing on first hand experience backed by management, coaching and NLP certifications

Inclusion of a dog to bring people into the present moment, quickly shifting mindset from ‘doing’ to ‘growing’ (face to face only)

Structured yet flexible; training that evolves with the individual manager

Consistent & sustained, backed by ongoing learning between sessions

We are all unique. Management training should reflect this. 

I work on a one to one basis with managers to not only address core skills, but to coach them through their unique challenges. Whether there’s an underlying belief or behaviour preventing them from fulfilling their potential, or they’ve got a burning issue that needs addressing, I adapt accordingly to ensure learning is relevant in the moment.

Each month, managers will receive a guide and worksheet to support ongoing development and reflection between sessions.

The best way to learn is to do. Each month we will reflect and build on learnings from the previous month, helping to reinforce your managers’ knowledge and awareness. Regular feedback will be incorporated to ensure development is being made in the right areas.

Management is full of curveballs. So if we need to take a step back, we will. If we need to alter our direction, we will. This programme is about creating sustainable change. And I believe that flexibility is key in making that happen.

I’ve been where your managers are. Lots of trial, lots of error. And so many learnings. 

I have supplemented these first hand learnings with management training, professional coaching and Master NLP Practitioner certification. It is this first hand, relatable experience combined with continued professional development which allows me to support the transition into management, leading to engaged and fulfilled teams.

Your investment has to deliver quick, effective and lasting results. People may come to me straight from another meeting, they likely have a task list as long as their arm and they have a million and one things on their mind. Just as they’re finally starting to relax into their session, it’s over!

Incorporating a dog into the session is shown to immediately bring people into the present moment ensuring we get the most of our time together as well as helping to:

  • Release endorphins; making people more conducive to ‘aha’ moments
  • Lower stress and anxiety; creating an environment in which you thrive
  • Provide an external subject to focus on; making it easier to have open conversation about ourselves
  • Increase our ability to establish quick rapport; so we can focus on what’s important
  • Increase focus and attention; helping people to achieve their goals
  • Provide comfort; for those inevitable moments of release
  • Remove brain fog; allowing people to think more clearly, without the background noise
  • Break tension; to help remove those roadblocks

NB. Not applicable to online training programme

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Creating a space for people to switch off away from their day to day work helps to get the most out of every single session. That’s why our in-person training will begin by walking with my dog in the fresh air helping to boost endorphins, relieve stress and help create focus. This is the perfect environment to reflect on the previous month and help managers to quickly enter a mindful headspace.

Your management training course at a glance


Being at your best; self-reflection, perspective shifting & awareness building

Mindset shifts from specialist to manager

Emotional intelligence

Enriched communication

Building rapport and creating a climate of trust 

Prioritisation, delegation and time management


Setting your team up for success

Setting a compelling vision, goals and objectives

Create a culture of feedback and honest conversations

Running effective one to one’s and appraisals

Team motivation


Leaning into challenges

Managing different personalities

Managing conflict

Being aware of mental health

Stress management


Consolidation & setting you up for the future

Coaching skills for managers

Leading through change


Moving forwards with confidence

What to expect from a session

The structure will adapt based on the needs of an individual however as a general guide, here’s what a typical 90 minute session looks like:

  • Reflections on previous month
  • Learnings, challenges, opportunities
  • Training & coaching on key theme, incorporating traditional management training, NLP principles and first hand experience
  • Applying learning to the month ahead
  • Resources to support learning

~20 minutes

  • Reflections on previous month
  • Learnings, challenges, opportunities

~60 minutes

  • Training & coaching on key theme, incorporating traditional management training, NLP principles and first hand experience

~10 minutes

  • Applying learning to the month ahead
  • Resources to support learning

Meet your trainer and coach

Kate Bolland

The move to management is one of the biggest career transitions anyone can make. It’s my aim to make that experience positive for the individual, their team and the business.

My experience of managing people began in my mid 20s. Fast forward the clock 5+ years and I was leading a commercial team responsible for managing and growing a multi million pound portfolio.

What happened between this time that helped me develop as a manager? Yes, I attended the odd management course, completed my ILM in Leadership & Management and gained a lot of experience through trial and error. But the biggest positive shift in my approach to management and the results I achieved with my team came when I started to work on my inner self; my mindset, my self awareness and my emotional intelligence. 

Since then, I have developed a passion for continuously developing my own knowledge and skills to be able to help others successfully transition from their specialist role into a management role. And in 2020 I was delighted to achieve Master NLP Practitioner status, evidencing my effective coaching skills in guiding people to reach their full potential.

Why me?
  • 10+ years corporate & agency experience
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management
  • Stress in the Workplace Certified
  • Coaching Diploma
  • Mindfulness Diploma
  • First Class (Hons) BBA Management (LUMS)
  • AAT Certified

What others are saying

“Kate is a great leader, innovative thinker, supportive manager and team player. During our time working together, Kate oversaw the development of her team and helped them progress their careers while they grew a multi-million pound portfolio of blue-chip client accounts together. I can’t recommend working with her enough”

Tom Salmon


“Kate was my manager for just over 2 years. She helped me to gain confidence and become more self-assured in the workplace. She achieved this through constant encouragement and by motivating me to continuously develop my knowledge and understanding of the industry I work in”

Alex Gregory


“Kate is one of those people who has a unique ability to get the best out of everyone she works with. She has a calm, approachable nature and she is exceptional at bringing a team along to achieve a common goal”

Steve Baker


“Having worked with Kate for 4 years at Epiphany and being managed by her for 2, I can say that Kate was an excellent line manager and work colleague. As a manager, Kate gave me clear direction to help me develop in my role, constructive feedback on performance, and praise and encouragement when deserved. Kate is skilled at asking questions to challenge your thinking, being an attentive listener, and not letting you just have a moan about things – instead coming up with a plan!”

Holly Coomer


"Kate was a wonderful manager both professionally and personally. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone when she knew I could do more and really helped me move forward in my career. On a personal level, she was understanding, compassionate and did everything to make my work life balance achievable during some difficult times"

Lois Brown


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The full management programme takes place over 12 months. I am able to offer 'top up' sessions for those who require coaching on specific topics only and intense sessions for those who want to shorten the time it takes to complete the full programme. Please complete the enquiry form below and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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