Have you ever found yourself saying ‘I can’t do…’, ‘I shouldn’t…’, ‘I wouldn’t be able to…’?

Chances are, these are some of your limiting beliefs coming to the surface. 

Limiting beliefs are those that are ingrained in us, sometimes at an unconscious level, usually as a result of an experience from our past. If we don’t recognise these beliefs and bring them into our conscious mind, they can stop us from fulfilling our potential. 

In many cases, we make sweeping generalisations associated with our limiting beliefs meaning they can have a profound impact on our lives. For example, if you failed an exam at school, you might hold the generalised belief that you can’t do exams. Or if you didn’t get that dream job you interviewed for, you might believe that you’re bad at interviews. 

By holding on to these limiting beliefs, we’re putting constant barriers in the way of personal growth. 

So you failed an exam. What about all the exams that came before that one? And what can you learn from this experience that will mean you are more prepared for the next exam? 

You didn’t get the job. Does that really mean you’re bad at interviews or did someone have slightly more experience this time round? How could you increase your skills to give you a better chance of success in the next interview you are invited to? 

Bringing my limiting beliefs to the forefront

If there’s anything that will bring your limiting beliefs to the forefront, leaving a full time job to start a new company will do it. One of my long held limiting beliefs that no longer serves me is:

 If I’m not actively doing something, I’m not being productive. 

I’m a self proclaimed ‘do-er’. I love a task list. And I love crossing things off on said task list. Active thinking tends to take a bit of a back seat when you’re constantly striving to complete tasks! 

Why isn’t this serving me?

Starting a business from scratch takes A LOT of learning and A LOT of thinking. Diving in at 100 mph without fully scoping something out, learning the intricacies or doing the background research will mean that you have to backtrack and spend twice as much time on it. 

Where did this limiting belief come from?

I have to go back to my upbringing for this one. Born into a farming family, we were constantly on the go, constantly busy. My dad’s task list was never ending and my mum would never be seen sitting down relaxing. I would always be met with ‘I need to do X’ or ‘we have to get back so that I can do Y’. And then, right at the end of the day, there’d be an hour or so to relax before bed and then the process began again. This to me was the norm, and as such, gave me a certain perspective on what ‘work’ was.

How has recognising and understanding this belief helped me?

Starting Moment to Paws has been a major learning curve for me and a complete shift in my frame of mind. In the beginning, I felt like I wasn’t achieving anything because I didn’t have anything to actively show for my day’s work. Understanding where this belief has come from and acknowledging that it no longer serves me has allowed me to embrace the learning journey I’m on and stop beating myself up when my days look different to what my traditional ‘productive’ day might have looked like. By investing the time in research and learning, I am now in a much stronger position to help individuals and workplaces through dog assisted coaching and wellbeing. And this process will never end, it will constantly be evolving – something that previously may have terrified me but now, is the most exciting part!

What limiting beliefs do you hold that are no longer serving you? NLP techniques can help you to identify these and start to overcome them, helping you to fulfill your potential. For a free initial consultation, please get in touch.

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