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What happens next?

The happiness of your dog is non-negotiable, it’s just something we won’t budge on. So once we’ve reviewed your details, we’ll be in touch to ask you some initial questions around their temperament and behaviour (you know them best after all). This is just to make sure that we’re confident that they’ll love being around us as much as we love being around them. 

After this, we’ll arrange a ‘getting to know’ session which is where your dog has a chance to size us up and we have a chance to meet them! 

We’ll need to take a few other pieces of information from you such as your registered vet, vaccination certificates and details about worming and flea treatments. 

From this point, we’ll proudly present your pooch with their Moment to Paws collar and arrange their first workplace visit. 

It’s dog owners like you that make our mission to connect people to the health and wellbeing benefits of dogs possible, so thank you for taking this step. We are confident that your furry bestie will thank you too. 

If we’ve left you with any further questions, please take a look at the dog owner section within our FAQs or drop us an email [email protected]

In the meantime, check out our social channels to keep up to date with us…

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