What is dog assisted coaching?

What is dog assisted coaching?

Creating a space of unconditional acceptance, zero judgement and positive energy

Quite simply, dog assisted coaching is where a canine companion is with you during your coaching session. This could be in a passive role; where the dog is present in the room but you don’t interact together. Or the dog could take an active role; where we go for a walk and the dog becomes part of the experience. 

In most of my coaching sessions, clients prefer that the dog takes an active role; from cuddles inside to letting off steam in the park. 

Why do you offer dog assisted coaching?

This may seem like an odd place to start but I used to have a love hate relationship with coaching.

I loved the potential it had to change my life, but hated the experience to get there. I found it awkward, uncomfortable and intense; not very conducive to those lightbulb moments!

Coaching has to be about delivering powerful, effective and lasting results. That’s why creating an environment in which you immediately feel at ease is so important to me. 

I thought about what I needed to feel in order to have the best session; calm, relaxed, open, energetic, positive, uninhibited, free of judgement. The exact qualities that our canine friends have been proven to deliver.

Woman walking dog

Incorporating a dog into your coaching session - either in a passive or active role - creates an environment to:

Release endorphins; making us more conducive to ‘aha’ moments

Lower stress and anxiety; creating an environment in which you thrive

Provide an external subject to focus on; making it easier to have open conversation about ourselves 

Increased ability to establish quick rapport; so we can focus on what’s important

Increase focus and attention; helping you to achieve your goals

Provide comfort; in those inevitable moments of release

Remove brain fog; allowing you to think clearly, without the background noise

Break tension; to help remove those roadblocks

Teach us about mindfulness; to be present and focus on the now

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