Creating an event to bring employees back together

At the time of writing, businesses are once again being encouraged to work from home wherever possible. Some office doors haven’t been open since April, others began to cautiously reopen over the summer months. But one thing that seems to be commonplace across the board is the consensus that the outbreak of COVID-19 will change the way we work forever, with businesses allowing more flexibility around our ‘place of work’.

And the benefits certainly seem to stack up; less commute time, better work life balance, potential productivity increases – the list goes on. But even webcams with the highest resolution can’t make up for the somewhat intangible benefits you get from ‘in-person’ face to face contact.

Creating a reason for people to be in the office seems to be the theme of the conversations we’ve been having with businesses across Yorkshire recently. Even asking people to come into the office for a team meeting seems a little trivial these days, having spent months successfully catching up over hangouts, teams and zoom (unless of course there’s the promise of a free lunch appended to the invite…could this be the start of a post-lockdown weight gain too?!).

So if spending time in human company doesn’t seem to be enough to drag people away from the comfort of their own homes, perhaps we can tempt them with some four legged friends…

Our canine assisted workplace wellbeing days not only give people a reason to come into the office, but they bring with them a whole host of health and social benefits (you can read more about them here).

What actually is a canine assisted wellbeing day?

When you bring a Moment to Paws wellness day to your office you can expect high energy, positivity and meticulous attention to detail from the get-go. We begin the day by creating a vibrant yet calming environment within your office space (inside or outside) with brightly coloured seating and lots of stimulation.

As we will have already visited the space and determined how many people can safely be there at the same time, we will know exactly what time to start the event to ensure everyone gets maximum cuddle time. Typically we bring one dog for every two people and each group will spend twenty minutes with us, allowing them to completely switch off, recharge and enjoy the therapeutic benefits our dogs will bring to them.

What does a typical wellbeing event look like?

Events vary depending on the number of staff, size of space available and any special requirements, but a typical day would be:

9am: Set up space

9.30am: Dogs arrive and settle in

9.45am: First event begins. A Moment to Paws team member will ensure only those registered for each time slot attend to keep everyone safe.

10.05am: First event ends, allowing time for the first group to leave before the next group arrives.

10.15am: Second event. As with the first, a Moment to Paws team member will be on hand to talk about the impact dogs have on our mental health and how we can learn to be more mindful.

10.45am: Third event

11.15am: Fourth event

11.35am: Fourth group leave and we take a short comfort break.

12.15pm: Continue events

2.35pm: Ninth group leave and we take a short comfort break.

3.15pm: Tenth event

3.45pm: Final event takes place

4.05pm: Final group leave, dogs are escorted out and break down begins.

5pm: Your office space is returned to the exact state it was found in (if not better!)

So if you’re looking for a way to get your teams back together safely (when you’re allowed), while supporting their health and wellbeing, a Moment to Paws wellness day could be the ideal solution. Simply complete our enquiry form or email [email protected] and we will be in touch to discuss your event.

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